After searching rescues all over the US for over a year and being told repeatedly that unless I had someone to do a home visit, even though I had many Samoyed Club members who would verify for me that our family was a good one to take in an adopted Samoyed,they would not let me adopt.  Some of these sammies were in shelters and one told me they were no kill and the sammie could just live there.  A true savior on Planet Samoyed put me in contact with Yvette.  We have had four sammies in our 40+ years of marriage, the first one rescued in Denver from some filthy dirt hippies (yes the 70’s) selling sammie puppies out the back of a pickup truck at a flea market.  Didn’t know anything about the breed but fell in love
with our first sammie puppy and the rest is history.  My dogs have been obedience dogs and therapy dogs, as well as the loves of our life. 

This time we were hoping to adopt a puppy from Korea and then saw the pictures of Dylan the sick puppy at a vet in Korea that had been found on a pile of euthanized dogs, but because they thought he would just die on his own left him there to starve to death.  We said we would take him and thought he was coming the middle of February but got an urgent call from Yvette saying he had to come in mid-January if he was to survive and so my husband, Tom, drove 1000 miles to LAX on a Friday and a 1000 miles back to Albuquerque on Saturday with Dylan. 

What came over was a puppy barely weighing 10 lbs and at least 5 months old.  He had been without food for so long that his body was eating all the fluids out of his joints.  Our vet was in shock and was truly afraid he wouldn’t make it.  But Dylan, now called Murphy, which means sea warrior, and he did come across the sea and is a fighter, proved everyone wrong.  He is a survivor.  He is still small for his age as his body is still recovering from the starvation, but he has come so far and is one of the sweetest little boys we could ask for. Though small for his age he is definitely a sammie.  If Yvette hadn’t taken a chance on us, Murphy would not be here today.  Hopefully later we will be able to add another Samoyed to our family and we definitely will go to Yvette to save another one.  What rescue groups would not do for us, Yvette has done and made our family so happy. – Jennie