Process and fees

Adoption fee

Our adoption fees range from $595 to $795  (regardless of age).

*The only exception to this fee is if the dog has ongoing medical needs that will require attention throughout
his/her life. This is determined on a case-by-case basis with the adopter.


Fee breakdown

Many of our Samoyeds are international rescues that require additional costs associated with the stringent
requirements to travel to the United States. Adoption fees typically include travel, travel supplies, permits/documents, spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, microchip as well as Heartworm and other necessary medical testing.


Rescuing dogs is a time-consuming and costly activity. We do everything we can to keep costs low. All dogs are fostered by volunteers who donate their time and energy to help the rescues learn important skills, get
comfortable and prepare for their new homes.


If additional fees are charged for travel, those fees are carried directly over. We do not make money on flights or other forms of transportation.


We don't discriminate

We do not discriminate regardless of how rough, old or injured a dog may be. With this in mind, our fees are carefully calculated in order to keep the rescue running and saving dogs from horrific situations. When you
adopt a dog, the fee is a donation to the rescue in order to pay for the costs of the rescue efforts of not just your new family member, but other dogs in need as well.


Adoption trial

All our dogs are sent out on a two-week minimum adoption trial to only approved homes. During the two-week trial, the adopter is required to report back to the rescue either by text, phone call or email every three days with a “status report” of the pending adoption. This status report should be thorough, including both the negatives and the positives. We are well aware there will be good days and bad days throughout this time and the status report allows us to assist where necessary. Once the 2 week trial is completed, and only then, can the adoption be made official and the ADOPTION CONTRACT completed.


Adoption contract

Once the adoption is made official through completion of the adoption contract, you become the owner of the
dog and will be responsible for care of the dog.


However, if at any time in the dog’s life you can no longer keep the dog for any reason you must return the dog to us. We will take the dog back into our care in order to find a new approved home for the dog. If this surrender happens within 14 days of adoption, we will refund your adoption fee in full. If the surrender back to the rescue happens more than 14 days later, you will no longer be eligible for refund.



Thank you for your support