Spending my time helping my daughter with her pet sitting business, my brother on his horse farm and loving my own harem of different breeds; There was no doubt my next dog would be selected with intent and it would be a Samoyed.  There is no breed that compares to their human like compassion, emotional intelligence, frisky yet gentle play-fullness and loyalty.  My search began 2 years back in NC and turned up nothing.  There were no breeders, the Samoyed rescues had closed up or had no Samoyed available for adoption.  I broadened my search to the surrounding states.  SC and VA and again to MD, WVA, Fla.  Even looked into OH and IL (a far drive).  While Samoyeds were found here, Breeders wanted way too much $$$ and with no plans to show my Samoyed, there were no plans to pay THAT for a Sammy pup.  I found that some states would not adopt state to state and there was no transportation assistance offered in getting the puppy half way to me. My search continued as I began following Yvette’s fb page. I saw many adopting beautiful Samoyeds and reporting beautiful victory stories but they all seemed to be in the western states. Realizing most of Yvette’s adoptions were in the western states I reached out to her anyway sharing my story and desire for another Samoyed to join our family and the difficulty I experienced in finding one on the east coast and asked if she saw any opportunity to get a Samoyed to the East Coast (specifically NC).  I don’t know how she did it?  It’s brings me to tears to know how hard she must have worked to make this happen.  Many do not realize the obstacles that must be overcome and multiple arrangements that must be made to get a rescue dog from another country to the US, much less to a coast you typically do not frequently deliver to.  Within 6 weeks Yvette called me and said, “Can you get to the DC airport between March 24th-26th to pick up Finn?”  “YES!”  And so here is our victory story, our Paxton Finn Stinky BooBoo Boy.  We are so in love with him, and so blessed by Yvette and how hard she worked to bring us our hearts desire.  Before picking up Paxton Finn, we relished in the thought that we were rescuing a Samoyed from a Korean Kill Shelter but the truth is..  this sweet Samoyed and Yvette rescued us.  – Coleman Family