Meet Shadow and Iggy, the two newest members of the Whitworth Family. We first laid eyes on them when Yvette sent me pictures of two dogs in the Ulsan Pound in South Korea. They had both been there for over four months in tiny little cages and didn’t have much time left before being euthanized. I could not choose which would get to live and which would not, so we applied to adopt both. They were immediately pulled into a wonderful Korean rescue, and two months later, the boys were on their way to Idaho! It took an unbelievable number of special people to coordinate this adoption, both in Korea and in the United States.

We picked the boys up on April 6th and brought them home. I was concerned about them meeting our other dogs, but my concerns were unfounded. From day one, all of the dogs have gotten along just fine.

Shadow and Iggy did come with trust issues of people and fears of so many new things. The doggy door was terrifying, as was being outside. Neither was really excited to walk in the grass, especially when it was dewy!  Of course they did not know English or any basic commands, or even how to function in a house and a family. We began working with a dog trainer with experience in helping dogs with issues. It has been less than two months and both dogs are doing great! You can see their trust issues resolving all of the time. They are comfortable in their environment and are becoming more relaxed. They are truly loved members of our family! – Ginger & JR Whitworth