A former live-in boyfriend had two Samoyeds, which is how I fell in love with the breed.  After he moved out, my house was so empty that I knew that it was time for me to get my own.  I ran into a gal in town (Bend, Oregon) who told me about Yvette and her rescue work.

I contacted Yvette, and we put the wheels in motion for me to get Trek.  (I cancelled the wait list order that I had placed for a puppy from a local breeder.  Rescue!)

A few months later, I drove down to SFO to pick up my darling boy; I will never forget the moment when I opened his crate door and our new life together began. Still to this day, he is smothering me with kisses. Trek is a WonderDog.  He is funny, he is a lovey-boy, he is playful, his coat was a mess (but we are learning together about brushing).  Trek and I have truly become best friends — he hops into the drivers seat of my car when I leave him to go into a store.  He loves riding in the car (since he’s not allowed on furniture at home, the back seat is his special sofa). My friends see me on the street with him, and they know it’s me, because they see Trek before they see me!

We truly rescued each other.  I will be forever grateful to Yvette and her organization for the opportunity to Save A Sam, and for bringing Trek into my life.  I am still sharing my story with friends; all of them are amazed.  – Ginger Carney