I first saw Whitney in a photo from Korea with another larger Samoyed on Facebook. I told Yvette I would take one. This was back in the very beginning (about two and a half years ago). She was named Lilac and is the very first Korean dog to come to the US through Yvette’s YNot Save a Sam group. Many kind donors helped out with expenses to bring her to our family. Lilac arrived at LAX. We were there holding signs for the gracious mother and son who couriered her from Korea. My hubby Roger wanted to get away from the crowds and traffic at LAX. So he proceeded to drive off with Lilac without taking her photo. This caused a lot of anxiety in poor Yvette who was worried and editing for news and photos of our first Korean Sam. We all got home safe and got some photos of the happy arrival. We decided to rename her Whitney.

At first she was a bit rambunctious. She chewed up a lounge cushion and a few other things. We taught her English without an accent. Lol. She was two years old and very energetic. Whitney gets along with our other dogs and is our foster pup’s best friend or mom.  Whitney has settled down. However, she is still a character and recently got stuck on a sticky trap. She likes to sleep on our bed.  She insists on licking my head when I’m sleeping. She loves tug of war. We love her and are do grateful to Yvette for bringing her here from Korea for us. – Roger, Karla, & RJ Scherer