What do you do when you pick up a dog you know is sick, you put her in your bed and she puts both paws on top of you and rests her head on you and falls asleep? You take her to the vet of course! And then when she looks at you like you saved her life, you tell her you’re home. We weren’t expecting you, but you’re home and I will make you well again and love you forever.

44 pounds, skin and bones, you could feel the sharp ones poking through her coat and a giardia infection and parasites. Turns out she also has Corona in Korea. At first I had to coax her to eat, but as she got better, so did her eating habits. She still has digestive issues, but we are working through that. Heartworm treatment started the following month and after the treatment was over, she was spayed. What a trooper this girl is. She is also finally housebroken.

The miracle happened when Amber started getting better and we got to see her real personality blossom. She is not only beautiful inside and out, but mischievous and knows how to charm and flirt her way to a cookie! No longer the lay around type of gal, she wanted to go, go, go!! She loves walks, playing fetch and teasing her brother Pote. She also loves to rip the faces off of her toys. Having Amber as part of our family has also been very educational, I now know how much stuffing goes into a large dog pillow bed and that there are more feathers in a feather stuffed pillow than you will ever imagine. If you are imagining, it’s even more than that. She loves her kitty brothers and even grooms them.

Amber is still learning manners, but has come a long way. Most of my mornings start with the Alarm going off and Amber giving me kisses. After that she tries her hardest to make me stay in bed by draping the front to her body over mine, and then if I start to get up, she does it again. She makes it very clear she wants me to stay home with her, until she realizes we are all going for a walk.

I can’t imagine our lives without her. She brings so much happiness to our lives. – Eny L.