So I wake up one day and I hear I’m “Lucky” as I’m heading to America to maybe live in the OC. 

However, I’ve got other plans in mind. Move over Psy, with your Gangnam style domination, 
I’ve got my eyes set on Hollywood as well. And, here’s how I’m going to do it:

First, I shall land at LAX from South Korea with BIG sad eyes. Of course I will have messed all over myself so I will have to be let out of my carrier and cleaned up immediately after getting through customs. Baby wipes anyone?

Then, as my carrier is a pig pen inside, I will have to be hand carried through the rest of the airport for all to see my grand entrance on my way to Tinseltown. 

I will be quiet and demur as I enter my new dwelling and meet…WHAT ARE THESE? Others like me? One tells me she’s originally from Israel, the other from “Like the Valley” and yet one more from some place called Riverside County? EE Gad.  

First, I must win over the elderly one from Israel. She appears to be the growly puss and in charge. Do I play it dashing and debonair or do I give some attitude back? No time to think about that now as the valley dude wants to leap and play. Wee, this is fun. 

UH OH, now the tough one from the Riverside kill shelter is coming over to size me up. 
He’s scary looking!! Just like a GIANT white wolf with blue eyes. There’s the sniff, the tail wag…wait for it…WHEW…all good. It’s a playful ruckus in the yard for hours. 

That night, I played my cards wrong. I dared to growl at the veteran rescue from Israel. She growled back and then I went overboard as if I was going to attack and bite her. She started shaking terribly. I got in TONS of trouble and was told the OC people couldn’t call soon enough! 

Oh, it was a sleepless night. The time difference, the thoughts that I’d ruined my big chance at movie stardom, a mix of both?

The next day, no call from the OC. A few days go by and no OC call. I viewed this as my last possible in. I saw a commercial about to start on the TV that I knew so I ran over, flipped upside down in my cutest position and started being filmed getting a belly rub. That’s when the commercial started playing the song, “I’ve found my happy place.”

Hello? How could anyone pass me on now with this Hallmark moment recorded for history? And, I’d even started winning over the growly puss, giving her tons of licks and kisses. 

Oh, the OC call finally came for my possible viewing, but it was too many days too late. I had weaseled my way into this pack. 

What about the Hollywood stardom thing you ask? Well, of course with my personality and looks, I got cast in a movie called The Pipeline only a short time after that. It just happens to be a touching real life story about the building of the Alaskan Pipeline, in which there are snow dogs! 

Yes, I will be seen rubbing my furry elbows with the likes of iconic actors Claudia Christian, Barry Corbin, Wes Studi and others. My scenes with Claudia are epic if I say so myself. I will be strutting down the red carpet for the premiere in late 2016. 

So, now my life is full of fielding calls for my next project, making sure no cookies go stale and ensuring my favorite toy, or what’s left of it is by my side during all union naps. 
Good bless America…and for saving me to live the dream. 
Peace out! – Kodi