My boyfriend and I first laid eyes on a Samoyed about 4 years ago and instantly fell in love.  We had never seen a dog so beautiful and we half jokingly said to each other, “If we get a dog lets get one like this!” I did a ton of research on the breed and felt that it was really the perfect breed for me – loyal, adventurous, playful, high energy, and very loving.  I am also allergic to most pets so I had to get a dog that was “hypoallergenic.”  Despite all of that hair, I am not allergic to Samoyeds!  

When I moved to California I ran into two more Samoyeds, interrogated their owners about what it is like to have one, and decided it was time to adopt a dog.  I began researching different rescues around the country and I finally found Yvette’s Facebook page and website after several months of searching on Google.  She posted a picture and a couple of videos of Zuri and her goofy personality just shined right through the computer screen!  I could tell that Zuri was a very happy, energetic, healthy dog.  Yvette was very honest about the information she did and didn’t have regarding Zuri’s health, personality, training, etc.  Yvette was remarkably well-organized with clear directions for how to get the dog from the airport.  She gave a ton of advice about training and caring for Samoyeds and checked in with me every day for the first couple of weeks. 

Zuri is a very quick learner.  She only relieved herself inside a handful of times and during the first month that she spent with me.  She is almost incapable of being aggressive, even when she has kids pulling her ears and tail and hanging all over her, or when she is being ganged up on at the dog park.  She avoids conflict with other dogs and is generally well-behaved.  I feel blessed that Yvette gave me the opportunity to be Zuri’s human because she brings so much happiness to my life.  Samoyed’s are wonderful companions and I recommend them to dedicated people who are willing to put in a decent amount of work for a huge reward.  They need a ton of exercise – this cannot be overstated! But if you follow through with that end of the deal, you will have a happy, loyal, affectionate, furry best friend.  

Yvette is extremely dedicated to her rescue and she works tirelessly to bring dogs into safety.  She is ethical and makes decisions using a lot of care.  Please thank and support her! – Jackie Gilbert