Ghost came from a horrible situation in South Korea. His first stop was on landing in the US was to a vet in California where he had 2 teeth pulled. He then flew to Chicago on Christmas Eve and was picked up by the CER rescue. They called me New Year’s Eve and asked if we could foster a little boy for them. We had only adopted before, but I was happy to help.

I picked up Bo Bo to bring him home and decided he needed a name to fit him and his journey. An author friend of mine had written a story about a Navy Seal code-named Ghost. He was a survivor and so was this boy. Of all the names I tried, he only responded to Ghost.

Ghost had lots struggles with his health when we got him. He followed me around and slept with me, his head on my pillow many nights. He didn’t play and has no idea how to even be a dog. We have 2 American Eskimo dog boys that were very interested in teaching him how to do all the things dogs do. Ghost finally got a clean bill of health early May. We have work to do on his house training but he has blossomed into a delightful puppy. He loves chew toys, Nylabones, raw hides, bones, and more. He meets us at the door with the boys and barks. Today he started jumping up on the door and wow he is quite the jumper!

I’m sure you are wondering- does he have a forever home yet??? Absolutely!!! I am thrilled to say this soon to be 5-year old boy is our foster failure. When I was asked what I would like for Valentines Day I didn’t hesitate, I wanted my boy Ghost.
Thank you Yvette Nielsen and everyone involved in saving my wonderful unexpected addition.

Thank you for saving all that you have. – Mary Lodes and Kathy Dulaney