From Survivor to Thriver– Yvette had already committed to sponsoring & flying a full group of Samoyeds to the USA when a dedicated South Korean Lady dog rescuer pleaded for a very sweet but badly injured Samoyed mixed dog to be a last minute addition so she would not end up sent to the butcher factory for human consumption in South Korea.  Yvette is very dedicated to saving these poor Samoyed dogs that are all destined for the cooking pots.  Was Kameo too far gone or not?  Nobody thought Kamey was worth it except for the lovely Korean lady rescuer & Yvette who somehow found the extra money; Kameo had a broken pelvis, heart worm, intestinal parasites & weighed only 22 pounds of literally skin & bones.  Now lets jump from August 2014 South Korea to Sept 2014 USA when Kameo arrived at Yvette’s; thanks to her vast open heart, knowledge & loving care Yvette slowly breathed a new life into Kameo’s tortured body & spirit.  It was discovered Kamey was deathly afraid of brooms & big dark plastic garbage bags; one can only imagine the horror this dog went through.  Kameo did recover and thanks to Yvette’s welcoming and playful dog pack at her home/rescue center and Yvette’s family (especially her two granddaughters!) Kamey was socialized.  Despite everything she is a very gentle, sensitive, keenly smart, friendly, sweet and loving dog.  Now nine months later in June 2015 my family and I and friends and neighbors know how very lucky we are to get such a caring and intelligent dog.  I have searched for many months to find a dog with the kind of personality and smarts that would be a great fit in our home & I have found her in Kameo.  I am disabled with rheumatoid arthritis and my aging service dog Barney is nearing retirement.  I have a cane but Barney helps me in and out of chairs and up and down stairs.  Kameo is very gradually taking over as my new service dog; Barney, my black Samoyed mix from San Francisco Samoyed rescue, is having so much fun romping and wrestling with her as well as out frequent visitor and neighbor dog Finnley ( a red-headed Border Collie mix) who completes our little pack–Kamey loves her boys!  So I give you Kameo! from bag-of-bones to new service dog wonder! – Amaroq de Quebrazas