I have had the joy of having Samoyeds most of my adult life.  I fell in love with the breed years before I had one, for their beauty and that incredible “Sammy smile.” And then later with my first Sammy Misty, fell in love with her incredible demeanor and the unconditional love and kindness she possessed.  After losing Misty, I decided to get a male and female so they would have a buddy.  I lost my Bailey and Brandy over the last 2 years at 14 years and 15 years. They all were such wonderful angels on earth to me and it was extremely painful for me with each of their passing. I decided to bring small dogs into my life so found 2 West Highland Terriers, Dexter and Daisy.   I love them too, but I still missed having a Sammy in my life.  They are such kind, gentle, and loving dogs.  Last December I decided to try and contact the SCSR (Southern California Samoyed Rescue).  Most of the rescue sites are outdated and I was skeptical that I would even get a call back.  To my surprise I got a call back within the hour.   Marsha told me that it was rare that someone would turn in a Samoyed in So Cal but that they were doing some rescue work with Ynotsaveasam Rescue from Korea and were working on bringing 3 more to the US.  She immediately got back to me with pictures and details.  Christmas Eve Jordie (now Dakota) arrived at LAX.  I was working with Karla on the adoption and when she, her husband and son pulled up to my house and I saw Dakota, I knew he was mine and my next angel on earth. Dakota has been with us for 5 months now and he is the sweetest, most gentle and loving dog I have ever had.  For whatever horrors he had been through and was headed for- he is such a joy!   I am truly blessed to have him in my life.   

I want to commend all the volunteers both in the US and abroad that were involved in saving my Dakota and all the other rescues and heartwarming stores that have happened to date and continue to happen.   I wish we could save them all!

I am happy to say Dakota has put on 7 pounds since he arrived, his fur is growing back, and all the red discoloration is gone.  He is so handsome!  He loves to go for a walk and interact with everyone in the neighborhood.  Everyone he comes into contact with loves him and they always say, I can’t believe he is a rescue, he is so beautiful.  One of my biggest joys is watching how peaceful he sleeps and I truly believe he knows he is now safe, has a meal in his belly twice a day and is loved.

Please consider adopting a Sammy or if not, please help by donating to help save many more. – Terri Anderson