…when Yvette asked if I could foster a Korean rescue that had just arrived in California for a few days I said sure…  in the back of my mind I knew once she got as far as my house I’d probably never be able to let her go…  and even though I faked it for a few days I was a doomed foster failure from the 1st minute I saw her!   Kenzie is so much fun and she pretty much crowned herself Diva and completely rules the white boys and especially my lab/golden mix (…another foster failure on my part…  ) …  she came shaved in May 2014 because she was so matted but was still a cutie…  and now she is gorgeous as well as fun, smart, sweet… you name it…!  I can’t express enough how much I admire Yvette for the work she does for this wonderful breed… and I’m so thankful she made it possible to have Kenzie in my family…! – Valerie Bradley