I’m sure that everyone has heard the saying, “When God closes a door, He opens a window.”  This is exactly what happened for us last year.  Sadly, we lost our Samoyed Kai to brain cancer.  Although devastated, we were put into contact with Yvette and the story goes from there.  We  adopted not one but two! Kuma and Kili came through her Korea connections last July.  I have to admit that it was not easy joining these two rambunctious, naughty, playful, no manners, loud, silly, stinky, crazy, lovable, cuddly, kissable, beautiful heart tugging kids.  Yes, it was a challenge, but what little furry monster  isn’t?  They had a few issues to overcome but once they did, words cannot describe how beautiful and affectionate they’ve become.  

We love them unconditionally and we are one big happy family!  Oh, did I mention Lucky, the senior Sammie?  We were just giving him a transport from one town to another…guess who lives with us, too?  Nothing will ever come between us, well for Kili-maybe a snack, Kuma-a toy, and Lucky-a kiss and FOOD!!  They mean more than the world to us!  Thanks  Yvette for all that you do!  Your efforts have fulfilled our hearts once more!  – John & Vicki and the furry gang in Tahoe!