It wasn’t long after meeting Sissy for the first time that we knew she was going to have a permanent place in our hearts and in our home!

After meeting Sissy and her wonderful foster mom at the dog park, we requested a home visit to see how our current puppy, 3 year old Great Pyrenees Louie would do having to share his bones, toys and affection with another dog.   They got along so well that we knew we couldn’t live without her!

It’s only been about 6 weeks since Sissy joined our family but she is fast becoming used to her new 1.5 acre backyard, a million squirrels to chase, spa days, going to college track meets, road trips and will be taking her first (we think) boat trip this summer.

We don’t know what her past was like but we are sure that her future will continue to be smothered in kisses, good food and tons of love with her new puppy brother Louie, and her new family! – Tammy and Drew Burbidge