After adopting my first Samoyed, Pippa (and falling head over heels in love!) I started doing research so that I could find another one to join my family.  It was not that easy.  I did not want to go to a breeder when I knew so many dogs are euthanized every year.  The lovely person we adopted our female from put us in contact with Yvette.  When I called her I told her I wanted to adopt a Samoyed in need…well I went to the right place.  To be honest, I was quite overwhelmed with everything that was happening to dogs in Korea, but when I saw pictures and knew their fate I could no longer ignore the unsettling reality.  I committed to take a large male Samoyed.  The only thing that was important to me was getting him here safely.  Yvette helped make that happen! He was severely abused and I knew he would not find a home easily if I did not take him.  He did require a little more patience and TLC than most, but he is the most amazing and loving companion I could ever imagine! He is so smart and well behaved. He is loyal and loving and the best addition to our family.  It breaks my heart that people hurt (and eat!?) these beautiful creatures, but we can continue to help by rescuing more and spreading the word. Luca is an ambassador for his breed and dogs in general since he inspires me every day to help animals that are not as fortunate as him. Yvette’s organization saves so many lives and I am so grateful for my Luca. – Gretchen G.