It’s crazy to think she’s only been with us a year, but she’s fit in since day 1 and I’m sure that’s rare. She’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made and we’d do it all over again. She’s been so great with our kids and she’s very protective of them and us. You can always find her close by making sure everything’s ok. She fit in just great with the rest of our pack, never got into any scuffles and of course, she’s the most spoiled of the pack. She’s stubborn when it comes to “spa day”, especially if she sees the dreaded brush and nail clippers but quickly forgives you once the treats come out. Everyone she meets instantly falls in love with our sweet girl and asks what breed she is and where can they get one. Soju is one of a kind and we love her, thank you for saving her along with countless other dogs and getting them to their forever homes. – Andrea