Aspen’s vet wanted me to put him on canned crap and after arguing, I told him there’s nothing in that can, that I can’t make myself, without the added crap. He didn’t say anything for a few seconds and then said,,,,,,,,,,,,”I agree”.

The vet gave Aspen 1 year WITH lacted ringers (not sure I have that right). Aspen wouldn’t let me poke him with the needle after a couple of times, so I had to let that plan go. I researched the internet and found a very rare post on a country, doing a study on baking soda on kidney patients and they didn’t even need dialysis. Not only was baking soda cheap compared to the lacted ringers, but it was easy to give him! I made gelatin capsules for him. I also ran into a stranger at Home Goods that told me to give him turmeric to clean his blood and it did stop his bad breath.

My vet. never heard of this before and wanted me to email him the link from the UK (that did the study), so I did.

The last few months of Aspen’s life, he didn’t want to eat, so I forced fed him. And the day his body gave out,,everything was shutting down! He’d fall,,,,,he’d wet on the floor as he walked,,,,,,,,,,,he couldn’t lay down without whining and this all happened at the same time. A nurse friend told me many things were shutting down at that point.

A friend took me in at the middle of the night, to let Aspen out of his long time fight. I cry as I write this, because we went through so much together. Not like most people do, but he was there through my chemo and radiation and I took care of him through his kidney disease. It was the two of us.

I was never left without a dog. I had rescued 3 cats earlier that year, but they didn’t care to come to me. They were from the same person and for years, so they knew each other and didn’t need me. I cried daily for Aspen and I knew I needed another dog to love. After a couple of weeks I went on petfinder and every dog I thought would fit, was out of state and I was told it could take months to even get approved, so I wouldn’t be able to get a dog I really wanted unless I filled out forms first. I was driving myself crazy for a couple of weeks. I couldn’t keep doing this to myself anymore. So, I told Aspen (still talk to Aspen), if another dog was meant to be in my life, you need to make it happen, because I’m done trying.

Not long after and a couple of weeks before Christmas, Yvette from YNotSaveASammy emailed me. She told me if I was still interested and could meet her at Logan airport on Sunday (just 5 days away), she had a dog for me. I was SOOO happy, but also so afraid I’d miss out because I live in northern NH and I’m afraid to drive in traffic. I called friends and they also weren’t comfortable with driving in MA. Then I called my mechanics, thinking these are men and they’re not going to tell me they’re afraid! Bob,,,my sweety that answers the phone told me he’d ask and call me back. Within a minute he called me back. Just happened that there was a woman there getting her car fixed and she was originally from MA and would be happy to take me to pick up Logan.

Everything fell in place when I stopped looking. I KNEW Aspen was behind all of this, with a lot of help from the people down here. Too much was not normal to fall easily into place! Even Logan’s name! Yvette had him in Logan Utah before flying to Logan airport to hand him off to me.

I fell in love with Logan instantly! He was not shy! And I really needed that after Aspen being ferule. I do still cry from missing Aspen, but I also thank him all the time for Logan! There are a lot of people to thank for Logan being here. SOOOO many! But, I gave up and I was just looking for any dog that fit my situation and then I get my fav. breed, that I never thought I’d have again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,here!

Logan is SO funny and even though he’s big, he’s like this horse puppy! He’s all puppy mode and he makes me laugh so much! He does this thing none of my other Samoyed’s have done before. He gives this shark like mouth thing whenever he plays or grabs food. I can’t get it on a picture because it comes out fuzzy, but it’s so funny!  My big, shark puppy!

Right now, he’s laying at my feet and I swear he knows I’m writing about him. He’s squeaking one of his very noisy toys and he does that when I’m on the phone or typing too long. He wants the attention! He’s so funny and I needed that so much!

I am stage 4 breast cancer and Logan is my miracle! I want one more! Because I’m loving my life again, which I haven’t in a very long time and I want to continue to enjoy it.

I am coming on 5 years of being here with stage 4 met. breast cancer. Only 22 – 27% make it this far. Yet,,,,,,,,,my labs were great yesterday and the new medicine is working. The cancer did spread to my liver, now lungs, but decreasing with the new meds and I swear,,,,,,,,,,,,happy and laughter is also helping! If anyone can beat this by being happy and laughing with animals,,,,,,,,I’ll do it! Logan and those 3 Siberian cats,,,,,,,,gave me a reason. And I have more plans beyond the animals to keep this fight going!

So, I thank Yvette and everything that brought this wonderful spirit into my life, to bring back laughter, play and silliness!!!! – Peggy W.