Our beautiful Niki (was Nikita):

My life with Samoyeds (and Sammy-mixes) goes back to my childhood. Niki is #8 for me. The last four have been rescues – three from Samoyed Rescue of S Cal and our most current member, Niki, from dear Yvette and from Korea. Our home is now filled with three – Shayna is 14 1/2, Bailey 4 and Niki is 3. As you can imagine – Niki and Bailey are great playmates.

Niki is not a full Sammy. We believe she is a mix of Japanese Spitz. Her transition has been the most challenging of our rescues but worth the adventure. She is a beautiful addition to our family and the sweet side gets sweeter every day!

The work of our Angel in Action, Yvette and Y-Not Save a Sam is truly the gift of life for these special Samoyeds! – Rhonda and Dennis Wilkin