About 6 months ago we started fostering for Yvette, after our first foster she sent me a text with a picture of two little Pomeranian mixes coming from Korea that needed a foster home. We weren’t really looking to get a 3rd dog but after seeing Nike aka Batman, we somehow knew if he came to our house he may just end up staying, but we accepted to foster them and awaited their arrival!

From the time he arrived we knew there was something special about him, he seemed to fit right in to our lifestyle and routine and was such a good boy! Even though our hearts seemed to have made their decision already, we wanted to give it a little bit of time before we made our final decision.

After 2 weeks we knew we couldn’t bare to see him leave, we had fallen in love with him as had the rest of our crew! So we decided to make him officially part of our family! He’s been such a great addition! And we absolutely adore him! Thank you so much to Yvette Nielsen and EFL for rescuing our sweet boy!!! You guys do amazing work!! – Luthi Family